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l_nit350 is a higher temp nitride deposition recipe for the Plasmatherm 790. It is optimized to have a lower stress and index at 2.0.

About this Process
Process Details
Equipment Plasmatherm 790
Technology PECVD
Material Si3N4
Gases Used SiH4, NH3, N2


Parameter Dep
RF Power 100 W
Pressure 2000 mTorr
NH3 Flow 1.43 sccm
N2 Flow 160 sccm
SiH4 Flow 5 sccm
Temperature 350°C


Deposition Rate Å/sec
Index of Refraction 2.02
Stress 519 MPa
Roughness ?


The limitations for this recipe are still being defined.


Occasionally m_nit350 is tested on a 100 mm Si wafer. The deposition rate can be seen below for m_nit200, 260 and 350.