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l_ox200 is a lower temp oxide deposition recipe for the Plasmatherm 790.

About this Process
Process Details
Equipment Plasmatherm 790
Technology PECVD
Material SiO2
Gases Used SiH4, N2O, He


Parameter Dep
RF Power 150 W
Pressure 1000 mTorr
SiH4 Flow 3.0 sccm
N2O Flow 250 sccm
He Flow 150 sccm
Temperature 200°C


Deposition Rate 7.5 Å/sec
Index of Refraction 1.466
Stress -325 MPa

Qualification is done with a 5 minute run, max allowed thickness of 2µm.


Occasionally L_ox200 is tested on a 100 mm Si wafer. The results can be seen below.