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===Mask Selectivity===
===Mask Selectivity===
* [[Silicon|Si]] Etch Rate: <5
* [[Silicon|Si]] Etch Rate: <5 Å/min
* [[Silicon Dioxide|SiO2]] Etch Rate: <5
* [[Silicon Dioxide|SiO2]] Etch Rate: <5 Å/min
===Sidewall Profile===
===Sidewall Profile===

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About this Process
Process Details
Equipment Plasmatherm 790
Technology RIE
Material Parylene
Mask Materials Photoresist
Gases Used O2

m_pary1 is an O2 etch that can be used for parylene and other polymers.


Parameter Etch
RF Power 105 W
Pressure 100 mTorr
O2 Flow 99 sccm


Etch Rate

Mask Selectivity

  • Si Etch Rate: <5 Å/min
  • SiO2 Etch Rate: <5 Å/min

Sidewall Profile

  • Undercut: XXX




Once a month m_pary1 is run on a XXX. This etch rate is reported in the chart below.

Then occasionally the recipe is tested on other materials as shown below.