Requesting After Hours Access

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The LNF will be changing its after hours access policy on August 1, 2016. New lab users will no longer automatically be given 24 hour access to the facility. They will be given after hours access only by request, and after they pass a quiz demonstrating that they are familiar with the after hours lab policies and emergency procedures.

Existing LNF users who have not previously worked in the lab after hours and do not have an after-hours suit tag will also need to request After Hours Access if they would like to be able to work in the lab after hours.

If you would like After Hours Access to the LNF,

  1. Fill out this form
  2. Create a Helpdesk ticket (general ticket, not tool-specific) to submit your request to management for After Hours Access.
  3. Read the information on After Hours Policies
  4. Take this quiz
  5. LNF highly recommends users to register for DPSS Emergency Alerts. To do so go to DPPS_Emergency AlertsSign Up

If you do not already have after hours access to the EECS Building, follow the instructions to request EECS Building access.

If you would like to have access to the Buddy Calendar and email group, go to this link to join the After Hours Users Google group:!forum/afterhours/join

This calendar provides a platform for user communication so that they can schedule after hours processing together.

Those users that are renewing their credentials must, also, renew their after hours access by completing the steps listed above.