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Requesting After Hours Access to EECS

Lab users who wish to work in the LNF after hours will need access to the EECS building, in addition to having after hours access on their LNF access device. This page has information on obtaining access to the EECS Building. The steps below (registration in the MCommunity database) are also required for external users to access the U-M online training platform MyLinc.

Internal U-M lab users

If you are a U-M College of Engineering user and/or work for U-M on North Campus, your MCard should allow you to enter the EECS Building after hours.
If you work at U-M but not on North Campus, your MCard probably will not let you into the EECS Building after hours. To have EECS Building access added to your MCard, mention this in your After Hours Access request, and send us your 16 digit Card # (this is printed underneath the UMID# on your MCard).

External, non-U-M lab users

If you are not affiliated with U-M and need to get into the EECS Building after hours, you will need to obtain an MCard. This requires:

  • Getting registered in the MCommunity database. To register you in the MCommunity system, we need the following information:
    • Your first and last name
    • Date of birth
    • Gender (please choose from M, F, or Other)
    • Email address
    • Home address
    • Home phone number
  • Send this information to After you are registered in the MCommunity database (which may take up to several days), you will be issued a U-M uniqname and password for the MCommunity system. Once this is done, you should go to the MCard Center in 2202 Pierpont Commons to obtain your MCard. Please make sure to check opening hours and accepted forms of payment before proceeding.
  • After you get your MCard, send us the 16 digit Card # which is printed underneath the UMID # on your MCard. We will then add EECS Building access to your MCard. The MCard will need to be renewed annually.