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Requesting Observer Access for a Guest

If you wish to bring a guest into the lab more than once or twice, you will need to request observer access for them. LNF will issue an access card and name tags for the observer. Still, the guest must never be alone in the lab and should not operate tools. Observers will be charged the entry fee only, and the daily fee will be waived. If you only need to enter the lab once or twice, the visitor status may be more appropriate: see Requesting Visitor Access. If you are unsure about what you need, please ask us, we'll be happy to help!

In order to get Observer access please complete the following steps:

  • Send an email request to
  • Internal users Complete the following steps:
    • General Lab Safety Training: This module is administered by EHS. Please go to the U-M MyLinc site, register for and complete BLS025w. Once you are done, please obtain your certificate online at MyLinc and send them to If you have taken the EHS course within the last two years, you may opt out of taking the quiz by contacting LNF staff and showing them your certificate of completion.
    • LNF User Abbreviated Training Manual: Read LNF General Information and Manual Part I: and LNF Training Manual Part II: Emergency Procedures, and take this open book quiz.
    • HF Safety Training: Hydrofluoric acid is commonly used in the LNF, and poses particular hazards which everyone working in the LNF should know about. Read this information about HF safety and take this open book quiz.
    • Complete the U-M LNF Access Form.
  • External Users Complete the following steps:

When you have completed the steps above please stop by Sandrine's or Vishva's office to get the cards.