Requesting Visitor Access

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Requesting Access for a Visitor

If you wish to bring a visitor into the lab, send an email request to [^|] and fill out this online Visitor Request Form. LNF staff will issue a visitor's badge which your guest should wear while in the lab.

Note that visitor access is intended for a lab tour or similar visit of limited duration, not for training purposes. Visitors must be escorted at all times and may not operate equipment or handle chemicals. If someone needs repeated access without active lab usage, he or she should apply for [^ access] with "observer" status.

Cleanroom Suits for Visitors

Visitor suits are stored on the lower rack in the first row of racks in the gowning room. There are bags labeled Visitors containing suits of different sizes.

If you cannot find a suit of the appropriate size, take a new suit from the blue bins, and put it in a visitor suit bag when you leave.