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SPR 220 is a photoresist used for XYZ


The ability to focus an image into the sample is proportional to the distance from the focal plane (depth of focus), and the amount of diffraction of the light. Both of these parameters are proportional to the wavelength of the light. The amount of diffraction is proportional to the wavelength, therefore to resolve finer features, shorter wavelengths are required. However, with shorter wavelengths the depth of focus is also lower, minimizing the amount of topology on the surface that is acceptable.

There are a series of steps that are common to all types of optical lithography

  1. Sample preparation
    • Surface cleaning
    • Dehydration
    • Adhesion promoter
  2. Photoresist application (see below for some thicknesses) and soft bake
  3. Exposure (
  4. Post exposure bake (PEB) at 115C for 90s
  5. Development (see below)
    • Note: Never hard back SPR 220
  6. Plasma descum
SPR 220 (3.0)
Photoresist Spin Speed Exposure Develop
Thickness GCA AS200 AutoStep Contact Lithography CEE Developer Recipe ACS 200 Recipe
875 rpm 5.0 μm 0.35s - 0.5s 10s - 13s 80-80 DP MF300 dev 50s
1000 rpm 4.7 μm 0.35s - 0.45s 10s - 12s 70-70 DP MF300 dev 50s
2000 rpm 4.0 μm 40-40 DP MF300 dev 40s
3000 rpm 3.25 μm 0.25s - 3.5s 5.5s - 7s 30-30 DP MF300 dev 40s
4000 rpm 2.75 μm .20 - .30s 4.5s - 6.5s 60 SP MF300 dev 40s
5000 rpm 2.6 μm .20s - 0.3s 4.0 - 6.0s 60 SP MF300 dev 30s
Photoresist Spin Speed SPR 220 (7.0)
Thickness CEE Developer Recipe
875 rpm 5.0 μm 80-80 DP
1000 rpm 5.0 μm 70-70 DP
2000 rpm 5.0 μm 40-40 DP
3000 rpm 5.0 μm 30-30 DP
4000 rpm 5.0 μm 60 SP
5000 rpm 5.0 μm 60 SP

Process SOPs

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