SPR 220

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SPR 220 is our most commonly used photoresist, especially for RIE.

3µm - SPR 220 (3.0)


  1. Dehydrate and apply HMDS
  2. Spin
  3. Bake 115°C for 90sec
  4. Wait 5 min
  5. Expose
    • Stepper
      • Silicon - 0.40 sec
      • Aluminum (high reflection) - XXX
      • Low Reflection - 0.42 sec
    • Aligner - 7 sec
  1. Wait 5 min
  2. Bake 115°C for 90sec
  3. Develop
    • ACS - AZ300 - 30sec
    • CEE - AZ726 30-30DP



Minimum Feature Size
Grating 700nm
Line ??
Trench 1µm
Hole ??
Pillar ??nm

Gratings with equal duty cycle.

SPR220 3um stepper grating silicon.jpg SPR220 3um stepper grating aluminum.jpg SPR220 3um stepper grating low reflection.jpg

Free standing trenches.

SPR220 3um stepper trench 1um.jpg SPR220 3um stepper trench 700nm.jpg

Contact Aligner

~2µm minimum feature size, but this is partially limited by the mask maker. 1000

5µm of SPR 220 (3.0)


  • There are currently no equipment defined that use this chemical.

Technical Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet

  • There are currently no Safety Data Sheets (SDSes) for this chemical.