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About this Process
Process Details
Technology RIE
Material Polyimide
Mask Materials Photoresist, SiO2, Aluminum
Gases Used O2, He
Date Created October 2020
Authored By Shawn Wright & Kevin Owen

LNF Polymer is an O2 based plasma etch for thin film polymers (e.g. polyimide, parylene).


Follow the instructions in the tool operating procedure and select LNF Polymer from the supported processes folder.


Parameter Main Etch
Pressure 5 mTorr
ICP Power 2000 W
Bias Power 30 W
O2 Flow 90 sccm
He Flow 100 sccm


Etch Rate

  • Polyimide: 920 nm/min
  • SPR 220: 963 nm/min
  • Parylene: 1.3 µm/min (user reported)


Not tested.

Mask selectivity

  • Platinum: ~1.5 nm/min
  • SiO2: 28 nm/min
  • Aluminum: < 2 nm/min (varies with etch time; e.g. 30 sec or less is higher, ~4 nm/min) (user reported)


Oxygen plasmas are predominantly isotropic; the specific isotropy ratio has not been measured for this process. Standard photoresist masks are not recommended, since they are polymers and will also etch quickly with this process. However, there are limitations to what type of hard mask is acceptable, so please create a helpdesk ticket to discuss your process with a tool engineer.


None at this time.