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About this Process
Process Details
Technology RIE
Material Polyimide
Mask Materials Photoresist, SiO2, Aluminum
Gases Used O2, He
Date Created October 2020
Authored By Shawn Wright & Kevin Owen

This is an O2 etch for polymers like polyimide.

Etch Rates

  • Polyimide: 920 nm/min
  • Parylene: 1.3 µm/min (user reported)
  • Platinum: ~1.5 nm/min
  • SiO2: 28 nm/min
  • Aluminum: < 2 nm/min (varies with etch time; e.g. 30 sec or less is higher, ~4 nm/min) (user reported)


Parameter Main Etch
Pressure 5 mTorr
TCP Power 2000 W
Bias Power 30 W
O2 Flow 90 sccm
He Flow 100 sccm