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About this Process
Process Details
Technology RIE
Material SiO2
Mask Materials SPR 220, KMPR, Polysilicon
Gases Used C4F8, He
Date Created 5/21/2011
Authored By SPTS, Kevin Owen

The uk submicron etch is designed for thin-film (up to 8 μm) etching of silicon dioxide. Etch rate up to 2600 Å/min, depending on feature size. The etch exhibits extremely vertical sidewalls and can achieve down to 100 nm feature resolution.


Follow the SOP as shown on the STS APS DGRIE page and choose the uk_submicron etch.


Uk submicron 2um.jpg
Uk submicron 1um.jpg

Detailed characterization data for the etch can be found here.

Etch/Dep Rate

Etch rate is feature size dependent - smaller features will etch slower than larger ones. Bulk etch rate is approximately 2500 Å/min. The etch exhibits minimal loading effect.


Etch uniformity is < 1% across a 6" wafer.

Mask Selectivity

The etch rate of SPR 220 is approximately 1600 A/min (selectivity 1.5:1). Selectivity will be lower on smaller features, due to the decrease in oxide etch rate. This is the etch rate on a 6" wafer. Selectivity may be lower on samples/wafers mounted to a carrier due to increased sample heating.

The etch rate of PMMA is approximately 1800 A/min (selectivity ~1.3:1).

The etch rate of stoichiometric silicon nitride (Si3N4) is 1750 A/min (selectivity 1.4:1).


The etch may be run for a maximum of 30 minutes.


The bulk oxide etch rate is tested after each maintenance (every 1-2 weeks) by running a 2 min etch on an oxide coated 6" wafer and measured at 25 points around the wafer.