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About this Process
Process Details
Technology RIE
Material SiO2
Mask Materials SPR 220, KMPR, Polysilicon
Gases Used C4F8, He
Date Created 5/21/2011
Authored By SPTS, Kevin Owen

The STS APS DGRIE/Processes/uk submicron etch is designed for thin-film (up to 8 μm) etching of silicon dioxide. Etch rate up to 2600 Å/min, depending on feature size. The etch exhibits extremely vertical sidewalls and can achieve down to 100 nm feature resolution.


Follow the SOP as shown on the STS APS DGRIE/Processes page and choose the uk_submicron etch.


Detailed characterization data for the etch can be found here.

Etch/Dep Rate

Etch rate is feature size dependent - smaller features will etch slower than larger ones. Bulk etch rate is approximately 2600 Å/min. The etch exhibits minimal loading effect.


Etch uniformity is < 1% across a 6" wafer.

Mask Selectivity

The etch rate of SPR 220 is approximately 100 nm/min, giving a selectivity of ~2.5:1. Selectivity will be lower on smaller features, due to the decrease in oxide etch rate.


The etch may be run for a maximum of 30 minutes.


The bulk oxide etch rate is tested after each maintenance (every 1-2 weeks) by running a 2 min etch on an oxide coated 6" wafer and measured at 25 points around the wafer.