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The SPTS Pegasus 4 is a DRIE tool used to etch 4" silicon wafers.


The SPTS Pegasus 4 is currently online and ready for processing. For day to day shutdowns please consult the helpdesk system on the scheduler.

System Overview

A Deep Reactive Ion Etching (DRIE) tool used to etch 4" (100mm) Si wafers. A powerful etch tool. 6kW Radio Frequency Power Inductively Coupled Plasma. 3-4kW is typical etching tool power. The reacting gases (SF6) are pumped by a huge turbo pump at several Liter flow rate. More powerful than STS ASE. Plasma creates heat, the chamber is 120C, and the etch reaction is exothermic. As a result the wafer gets heated to 50-55C during processing, if well mounted. While the STS ASE switched between deposition and etch every 5s, this tool switches in less than a second. The etch cycle starts with high bias and very low pressure, ion bombardment breaks through passivation. The etch cycle ends with reduced bias and increased pressure. See the recipes page for more information on specific etches.

Supported Processes

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Standard Operating Procedure

Tool Qualification

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