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About this Process
Process Details
Equipment STS Pegasus 4
Technology RIE
Material all
Mask Materials none
Gases Used O2

LNF O2 Descum uses an O2 plasma to isotropically remove polymers. It is intended as a photoresist descum prior to etching, although it may oxidize expose surfaces. The LNF Ar Descum is better suited for normal circumstances. This recipe may also be used for photoresist mask stripping post process, although there are other systems at the LNF with better performance for this process.


Follow the standard operating procedure. This recipe may also be added as an additional step within another recipe. Create a helpdesk ticket for assistance.

The maximum etch time allowed for this process is 5 minutes.


Parameter Units Setpoint
ICP Power W ?
Bias Power W ?
Bias Pulsing Hz 40 Hz - 80%
Pressure mTorr ?
O2 Flow sccm ?


Etch rate and uniformity

Material Etch Rate Uniformity
SPR 220 7800 Å/min 6%
Silicon dioxide 30 Å/min 5%
Silicon nitride ? ?
Silicon ? ?

Mask Selectivity

This recipe is intended for blanket descum of the wafer surface, so a mask is not necessary.


Maximum allowed etch time is 5 min.