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About this Process
Oxynitride lf.jpg
Process Details
Equipment STS Pegasus 4
Technology RIE
Material Si, SiO2, Si3N4
Mask Materials Photoresist
Gases Used SF6, C4F8, Ar
Date Created 10/10/2012
Authored By Brian Vanderelzen

The LNF Oxynitride LF is a legacy recipe on the STS Pegasus 4 and 6 that may be used to etch silicon dioxide and silicon nitride. Because the tool is not designed for this process, it also etches silicon and photoresist at a similar rate. It is primarily useful for native oxide removal prior to a deep Si etch. For oxide film etching, such as preparing an etch mask, the STS Glass Etcher and P5000 RIE have far superior performance and are strongly recommended. It is not actively maintained by the LNF.


Follow the SOP outlined on the tool page. LNF Oxynitride LF should not be run for longer than 30 min.


Parameter Units Setpoint
ICP Power W ?
Bias Power W 100?
Bias Pulsing Hz 40 Hz - 80%
Pressure mTorr 10?
C4F8 Flow sccm ?
SF6 Flow sccm ?
Ar Flow sccm ?


Etch rate

Material Etch Rate Uniformity Profile
Silicon dioxide 1090 Å/min 5.1% ?
Silicon nitride ? ? ?
Silicon ? ? ?
SPR 220 1520 Å/min 5.9% ?

Process Report

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This process is not recommended for most etch processes. There are other RIE tools in the lab with much better performance for oxide and nitride etching with higher selectivity to silicon and photoresist. Please create a helpdesk ticket or email if you have further questions.