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About this Process
Process Details
Equipment STS Pegasus 4
Technology RIE
Material Silicon
Mask Materials not typical
Chemicals Used PR, SiO2
Gases Used SF6, C4F8, O2

LNF Unswitched Poly is a single-step mixed-gas process intended for shallow silicon and thin film poly- and amorphous silicon etches.


Follow the standard operating procedure.


Parameter Units Setpoint
ICP Power W ?
Bias Power W ?
Bias Pulsing Hz ?
Pressure mTorr ?
C4F8 Flow sccm ?
SF6 Flow sccm ?
O2 Flow sccm ?


Etch rate

Etch rate will vary with feature size and loading.

Material Etch Rate Uniformity
Silicon ? µm/min ?%

Mask selectivity

Material Etch Rate Uniformity
Silicon dioxide 90 Å/min 7%
Silicon nitride ? ?
SPR 220 250 Å/min 6%

Etch profile



Etch length

This etch is designed for thin films and shallow etches. It is not characterized for long processes.

Feature size


Open area