September 2018 water damage

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This page has been created to consolidate updates following the September 27th flood that occurred in EECS 1450 (submicron room) and 1440D/E (thin films and plasma bays). Note that the rest of the LNF spaces were not affected. Please see below for updated status.

Facility status

Update as of mid day, Friday September 28th: the cleaning of EECS 1440 D/E was completed and these areas of the clean room were re-opened to users. Most of the equipment in these spaces has been evaluated and are back in operation.
EECS 1450 (submicron room) is still closed while the contractor finishes the drying process.

Equipment status

Equipment Status Alternatives Comments
GCA AS200 AutoStep Off-line Tech support already on site and working
ACS cluster tool On-line
Heidelberg Mask Maker On-line
MA/BA-6 On-line
MA-6 On-line
MJB3 #2 On-line
IR microscope On-line
LAM9400 Off-line Waiting on replacement turbopump
Oxford OpAl ALD Off-line
Veeco Fiji ALD On online
GSI PECVD On online
PT790 PECVD/RIE Back online
Oxford ICP RIE Back online
Enerjet evaporator Back online
Cooke evaporator Back online
AE evaporator Back online
SJ20 evaporator Back online
SB-6e bonder Online
EVG510 bonder Offline Will be released once PCW is turned back on
EVG520 bonder Offline Will be released once PCW is turned back on

Alternative solutions and back up

Contact us for any urgent need - please create a Helpdesk ticket on any tool that you need and provide as much process information as possible.