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Silver (Ag) is a chemical element that is commonly deposited in the LNF. Silver is a transition metal and has the atomic number 47. Characteristics of silver include having a high electrical conductivity, it is soft, has a high thermal conductivity, and reflectivity. In appearance it is white and lustrous.


Process technologies that can be used to deposit/pattern this material.

Deposition Equipment

Etching Equipment

  • Tools in the LNF for etching this material.

Characterization Equipment

  • [Dektak XT][Sj-26 Evaporator]]


  • Silver is commonly used in electrical contacts and conductors as well as being used for its high reflectivity.


Depositoin Processes

Etch Processes

Characterization Processes

  • The profilometer can be used to measure the thickness of your deposition.

Other Relevant Material Information

Technical Data

  • Charts or specific LNF related data for this material.


  • Citations/references for this material, review articles. If possible, examples of users publications which includes the material.