Solitec Spinner

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Solitec Spinner
Equipment Details
Technology Lithography
Materials Restriction Metals
Sample Size sample sizes up to 6" diameter
Chemicals Used photoresists, polyimides, PDMS, others with approval
Equipment Manual
Overview System Overview
Operating Procedure SOP
Supported Processes Supported Processes
User Processes User Processes
Maintenance Maintenance

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The Solitec Spinner is a manual photoresist spinner located in the ROBIN lab. It is used primarily for soft lithography, and is interlocked with Solvent Bench 94. Solvent Bench 94 must be reserved in order to use the Solitec Spinner.


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The Solitec Spinner is a manual, two-stage spinner which can spin at speeds up to 7000 rpm. It can be used to spin photoresists and other liquids to achieve thin layers of varying thickness.

System overview

Hardware details

The Solitec Spinner has a mechanical vacuum pump to provide vacuum to the sample chuck to hold the sample in place during spinning. It spins in two stages to allow a slower stage for the liquid to spread, and a faster final spin stage which determines the final film thickness.

Substrate requirements

Several sizes of vacuum chuck (for 0.5", 1", 4" & 6" diameter samples) are available. Substrates of varying shape and material, up to 6" diameter, can be accommodated, subject to their weight and the strength of the chuck vacuum.

Material restrictions

The Solitec Spinner is a Metals class tool. Since it is interlocked and used in conjunction with Solvent Bench 94, it has the same substrate and thin film materials restrictions as Solvent Bench 94. However, chemicals allowed to be spun may differ from those allowed to be processed in Solvent 94.

Supported processes

There are several processes for the Solitec Spinner and Solvent Bench 94 which are supported by the LNF. These are described in more detail on the Solvent Bench 94 Processes page.

Standard operating procedure

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Checkout procedure

  1. Read through this page and the Standard Operating Procedure above.
  2. Practice with your mentor or another authorized user until you are comfortable with tool operation.
  3. Schedule a checkout session with a tool engineer via the Helpdesk ticket system. If this checkout is successful, the engineer will authorize you on the tool.


The Solitec bowl is lined with Al foil and the foil is changed regularly during lab clean. This is necessary because the primary photoresist used in this spinner is SU-8, which is not soluble in most solvents. Chuck vacuum is monitored regularly.