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This page lists the processes supported by the LNF for Solvent Bench 94.

Process List

  • SU-8 Photolithography
    SU-8 is a negative, epoxy-based photoresist manufactured by MicroChem. It is commonly used to make PDMS molds for microfluidics and other applications. Several different series are available, and in each series, SU-8 is available in a range of viscosities. The LNF provides several viscosities of the SU-8 2000 series (SU-8 2005 & 2010 are included in cost of using Solvent Bench 94; SU-8 2050 & 2100 are recharged). Product datasheets are available here: [1] [2]
  • PDMS Molding
    Polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) is used to make microfluidics devices. The LNF provides Sylgard 184 silicone elastomer made by Dow Corning. This SOP describes the procedure for coating a mold with release agent, PDMS mixing and molding.
  • Temporary Bonding SOP
    This SOP explains temporary bonding of a sample to a carrier wafer with beeswax for lapping or polishing.