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STS Pegasus 4/Processes

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This page lists the processes supported by the LNF for the [[{{BASEPAGENAME}}]]. The same recipes are available on the [[STS Pegasus 6]], although due to hardware differences, the etch rates and uniformity will be slightly different.
{{note|For all process questions, fill out the [ process request form] and create a helpdesk ticket.|reminder}}
The primary recipes for the STS Pegasus 4 are used for deep silicon etching. Recipe 1 is optimized for clean sidewalls, while Recipe 2 and 3 allow for faster etches. The tool has an oxynitride etch that may be used to etch oxide or nitride but this may be performed by other tools more effectively, such as the [[P5000 RIE]]. There is also a LNF Thinning recipe designed to quickly etch a wafer without a mask.
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