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Xactix XeF2

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The Xactix Xetch X.3.B is a [[Xenon difluoride|xenon difluoride]] etching tool that will etch [[Silicon|silicon]], [[Molybdenum|molybdenum]], and [[Germanium|germanium]] isotropically. XeF<sub>2</sub> is a solid at atmosphere but will sublimate at vacuum. The tool uses two expansion chambers to alternatively sublimate the XeF<sub>2</sub> and release it into the etch chamber. The etch rate is highly dependent on the chamber's loading. A wafer with only a thin trench exposed will etch very fast where as a blanket 100 mm Si wafer may etch as slow as 800 Å/cycle. Wafers are manually loaded directly into the chamber, and the tool can accommodate pieces up to 150 mm wafers.
{{Caution|This system is not for deep silicon etching.}}
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{{Caution|This system is not for deep silicon etching.}}
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