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Hitachi SU8000 In-line FE-SEM

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<!-- Set the resource ID, 5 digit # found on the scheduler -->{{#vardefine:toolid|85051}}<!-- Set the Process Technology (see subcategories on Equipment page) -->{{#vardefine:technology|Metrology}}<!-- Set the Material Restriction Level: 1 = CMOS Clean, 2 = Semi-Clean, 3 = Metals -->{{#vardefine:restriction|4}}
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==Checkout Procedure==
<!-- Describe the checkout procedure for the tool. For example: -->
# Read through this page and the Equipment Manual aboveand the [ SEM tech talk slides].
# If your mentor is authorized on the system, practice the tool with them. Otherwise make a [{{#var:toolid}} helpdesk ticket] to schedule an initial training.
# Schedule a time for a checkout:
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