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Plasmatherm 790

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|mask = [[Photoresist|PR]], [[SiO2|SiO<sub>2</sub>]]
|gases = [[Argon|Ar]], [[Methane|CH<sub>4</sub>]], [[Fluoroform|CHF<sub>3</sub>]], [[Tetrafluoromethane|CF<sub>4</sub>]],
[[HeH2|HeH<sub>2</sub>]], [[Oxygen|O<sub>2</sub>]], [[SF6|SF<sub>6</sub>]]
|overview = [[{{PAGENAME}}#System_Overview | System Overview]]
|sop = [ [{{PAGENAME}}#Standard_Operating_Procedure | SOP]|maintenance = [ Maintenance Overview]
|processes = [[{{PAGENAME}}/Processes|Supported Processes]]
|userprocesses = [[LNF_User:Plasmatherm_790_User_Processes|User Processes]] }}
The Plasmatherm 790 is a dual chamber parallel plate tool. The left chamber is configured for [[Reactive ion etching|reactive ion etching (RIE)]] while the right chamber is configured for [[PECVD|plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition (PECVD)]]. The RIE chamber is significantly slower then than other etchers available in the lab, allowing greater depth control on thin films. The PECVD chamber is also designed to deposit at a lower rate then than the [[GSI PECVD]] and [[P5000 PECVD]] - the smaller building blocks helps help improve film quality. This tool has almost no material restrictions, allowing a wide variety of processing.
*[2014-09-25] - Added 500 sccm Helium MFC to PECVD chamber.
* Wide variety of gases available
* Generally slower etch rates <1000 Å/min
* Generally slow PECVD deposition rates <10 Å/sec
==System Overview==
* RIE Gases
** [[Argon|Ar]] - 139 sccm
** [[Methane|CH<sub>4</sub>]] - 18 14 sccm
** [[Fluoroform|CHF<sub>3</sub>]] - 50 sccm
** [[Tetrafluoromethane|CF<sub>4</sub>]] - 42 sccm
* PECVD Gases
** [[Methane|CH<sub>4</sub>]] - 72 sccm
** [[Tetrafluoromethane|CF<sub>4</sub>- 4% O<sub>2</sub>]] - 420 sccm
** [[Helium|He]] - 500 sccm
** [[Nitrogen|N<sub>2</sub>]] - 2000 sccm
* Pressure
** RIE: 5 - 10 mTorr to 1 TorrGuage** PECVD: 50 - 500 mTorr to 2 TorrGauge
* Chuck
====Right Chamber====
The right chamber has the same restrictions as the left except polymers (such as photoresist) are not allowed unless their melting temperature is significantly higher then than the process temperature (please create a helpdesk ticket for this).
==Supported Processes==
In addition to these, this tool has a number of user-created recipes for etching a wide variety of materials. Some of these recipes are documented on [[LNF User:{{BASEPAGENAME}} User Processes]]. If you are curious if your material can be processed in this tool, please contact the tool engineers via the helpdesk ticket system.
The latest PECVD qualification data is shown below.
==Standard Operating Procedure==
<!-- To include a document from * [ docs, use the line below, replace "googledocid" with the ID for the document. Remember, to make this visible, you must set Sharing for the document to "Anyone with the link can view"com/open?id=1ISeylrCbnE2g8E1acoAKEbNmKXi6CH2f System Overview]* [ com/file/d/0B3k-qgz56T_4RVJqUHp3eEsySUk/view?usp=sharing&resourcekey=0->ClQBXI80fBwIL1FR48tt7w RIE SOP]{{#widget* [https:GoogleDoc|key//}}1iWQMtPGj8M9KQmTBJgTBk6jxuMiWCSk4 PECVD SOP]* [ Troubleshooting]
==Checkout Procedure==
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# Read through the Standard Operating Procedure User Manual above.# Complete Accurately complete the training request form [ hereSOP quiz]. You may retake as necessary until all answers are correct.# For RIE, complete the [ process request form].# Create a [{{#var:toolid}} helpdeskticket] ticket requesting traininga checkout session.# A tool engineer Authorization will schedule a time for initial training.# Practice with your mentor or another authorized user until you are comfortable with tool operation.# Complete be provided pending successful completion of the SOP quiz [ here].# Schedule a checkout session with a and demonstration of proper tool engineer via use in the helpdesk ticket system. If this checkout is successful, the engineer will authorize you on the tool. ==Maintenance== Every other week presence of a light cleaning is performed on the toolengineer. A 5 min etch with [[Plasmatherm_790/Processes/m_si_o_1|m_si_o_1]] is performed on a 4" oxide wafer as a qualification run. The results can be seen below. {{#widget:Iframe|url=;format=interactive |width=700|height=350|border=0}}
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