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  • ...n a hexagonal, honeycomb lattice. Carbon nanotubes are hollow, cylindrical structures, essentially a sheet of graphene rolled into a cylinder. The angle at which ...hibit interesting physics due to their two-dimensional and one-dimensional structures. Graphene is a zero-gap semiconductor and exhibits the anomalous quantum H
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  • ...t is an easy, reliable and low cost process to replicate three dimensional structures (ranging from cm to microns). It is necessary to apply an agent or chemical to lower the surface energy of the mold to in order to facilitate the remov
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  • *[[Chemical vapor deposition|Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD)]] **[[Low_pressure_chemical_vapor_deposition|Low-Pressure Chemical Vapor Deposition (LPCVD)]]
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  •, and plasma chemistry. All of the processes described here refer to wet chemical processes. If you have questions as to whether a wet chemical process is available or compatible with your materials, please create a [[L
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  • ...lve a chemical which dissolves the material to be etched, or may utilize a chemical mixture which first oxidizes the material and then dissolves the oxide. ...s performed by immersing the sample in a container of the etchant mixture. Chemical etching is always performed in one of the wet benches in the lab. A variet
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  • of material such as glass or silicon, to each other by means of various chemical and physical effects. Substrate bonding is mainly used in MEMS, where senso Bond is hermetically sealed and displays good resistance to thermal and chemical effects
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  • * Prof. Singh, Chemical Engineering, [ ...d/19wcIA2ekyx7tRsY4XhHEV-KNUSFNfYui/preview ''Micro-Fabrication of Folding Structures with Multiple Materials'']<br>
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  • internal chemistry for sample cleans. Software supported recipes with chemical dilution, sample rinse and spin dry cycles allow for safe and repeatable op ...A brush and the surface, cleaning is done by scrubbing, therefore delicate structures should not be exposed to the brush or the megasonic arm.
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  • ...on or near the surface of the substrate as in CVD, in ALD the individual chemical components are introduced to the deposition chamber one at a time. Becaus * Conformal Coatings of high aspect ratio structures including porous materials, complex features, TSV's and nanostructures for
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  • ...ent of the characteristic of the film. It can be measured on electrical structures (lengths of wiring lines) or on blanket films using the four-point probe. ...ted film by changing the stress, adhesion (typically driving off water) or chemical reactions in the film. The affect of heating varies with the material be
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  • *Films where stress tuning and/or certain crystal structures are needed. ...evaporation is considered a poor choice, then [[Sputter deposition]] or [[Chemical vapor deposition]] is most-likely a better choice for these type of applica
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  • ...erns and in addition it is also possible to create complex 3D (grey scale) structures in thick photoresist in a single pass. This system is able to pattern on mo The physical-chemical characteristics of the ink will or will not allow the jetting of fluids. Fo
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  • ...{{PAGENAME}}{{#if: {{#var:acronym}} | &nbsp;({{#var:acronym}})|}}]] is a [[chemical vapor deposition]] technology that uses heat to initiate a reaction of a pr ...CVD films are somewhat [[conformal]] and can offer sidewall protection for structures that require electrical isolation. The sidewall coverage amount depends on
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