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This template identifies a Wikipedia article where one or more sections has content whose accuracy or factual nature is in dispute.


First add a new section to the article's talk page outlining your concerns, then add {{Disputed-section}} to the top of the disputed section in the main article. To include a link from the "disputed section" header to the proper section of the talk page, use {{Disputed-section|talk page section name}}.[currently broken, more info here] Articles using this template as shown above are placed into Category:Accuracy disputes.

This template can take an optional date parameter in the format {{Disputed-section|date = <month> <year>}} or {{Disputed-section|talk page section name|date = <month> <year>}}. If the date is not included it will probably be added later by a WP:BOT. Articles using this template with a date are added to Category:Accuracy disputes from <month> <year>.

Example using current date





Category:Accuracy disputes from April 2024


  1. {{Accuracy-section}}
  2. {{Disputed-sect}}
  3. {{Disputedsection}}
  4. {{Dsection}}
  5. {{Section-disputed}}
  6. {{SectDisputed}}
  7. {{Sectfact}}

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