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This template builds an alternative form of common fractions. The template takes one, two, or three parameters: the optional integer (may be signed), the optional numerator and the required denominator; in this order.

Please do not subst:itute it. This template should not be used in science or mathematical articles, per MOS:FRAC and MOS:MATH#Fractions; use {{sfrac}} instead. To allow numerical sorting of a column containing fractions, use {{sortfrac}} instead. It is a combination of this template and {{sort}}.

A BC (integer, numerator and denominator)
AB (numerator and denominator)
1A (denominator only)
(fraction slash only)


12 13 23 14 34 15 25 35 45 16 56 17 27 37 47 57 67 18 38 58 78 116 316 516 716 916 1116 1316 1516
ms kmh kg·m 1s Mbits


  • {{frac}} or ⁄ may be used to print out the fraction slash glyph " ⁄ ".


This is the TemplateData documentation for this template used by VisualEditor and other tools; see the monthly parameter usage report for this template.

TemplateData for Frac

<templatedata>{ "description": "A template for displaying common fractions of the form int+num/den nicely. It supports 0–3 anonymous parameters with positional meaning.", "params": { "1": {

 "label": "leftmost part",
 "description": "Denominator if only parameter supplied. Numerator if 2 parameters supplied. Integer if 3 parameters supplied. If no parameter is specified the template will render a fraction slash only.",
 "type": "string/line",
 "required": false

}, "2": {

 "label": "middle-right part",
 "description": "Denominator if 2 parameters supplied. Numerator if 3 parameters supplied.",
 "inherits": "1"

}, "3": {

 "label": "rightmost part",
 "description": "Denominator, always.",
 "inherits": "1"

} }}</templatedata>

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