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  | label13 = User Processes
  | label13 = User Processes
  |  data13 = {{{userprocesses|}}}
  |  data13 = {{{userprocesses|}}}
<!-- |header15 = {{Infobox_scheduler_info}} -->
  |belowstyle = background:#eee;
  |belowstyle = background:#eee;
  |below      = [http://ssel-sched.eecs.umich.edu/sselScheduler/ResourceContact.aspx?tabindex=3&path=0:0:0:{{#var:toolid}} Request more information]<br>{{{footnote|}}}
  |below      = [http://ssel-sched.eecs.umich.edu/sselScheduler/ResourceContact.aspx?tabindex=3&path=0:0:0:{{#var:toolid}} Request more information]<br>{{{footnote|}}}
}} [[Category:Equipment]] [[Category:{{#var:technology}}]]<div class="lnf-resource" data-id="{{#var:toolid}}"></div></includeonly><noinclude>{{#vardefine:technology|Infobox templates}}{{#vardefine:toolid|Image}}{{Documentation}}</noinclude><!-- Old infobox:
}} [[Category:Equipment]] [[Category:{{#var:technology}}]]<div class="lnf-resource" data-id="{{#var:toolid}}"></div></includeonly><noinclude>{{#vardefine:technology|Infobox templates}}{{#vardefine:toolid|Image}}{{Documentation}}</noinclude>
<div class="infobox process" style="background:rgb(246, 246, 246); width:300px">
<div class="title" style="width:300px">{{BASEPAGENAME}}</div>
* Location: (cleanroom/ROBIN, need scheduler)
* Scheduler Category: (e.g. Plasma Etch)
* Tool Engineers: (scheduler)
* [http://ssel-sched.eecs.umich.edu/sselScheduler/ResourceContact.aspx?tabindex=3&path=0:0:0:{{#var:toolid}} Request more information]
*[[{{BASEPAGENAME}}/Processes|{{BASEPAGENAME}} Processes]]
*[[LNF User:{{BASEPAGENAME}} User Processes|{{BASEPAGENAME}} User Processes]]</div>-->

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Template documentation[view] [edit] [history] [purge]

Infobox equipment
Equipment Details
Technology Infobox templates
Materials Restriction Undefined
Material Processed {{{materials}}}
Mask Materials {{{mask}}}
Sample Size {{{size}}}
Chemicals Used {{{chemicals}}}
Gases Used {{{gases}}}
Equipment Manual
Overview {{{overview}}}
Operating Procedure {{{sop}}}
Supported Processes {{{processes}}}
User Processes {{{userprocesses}}}
Maintenance {{{maintenance}}}
Request more information


{{Infobox equipment
|toolname     =
|manufacturer =
|model        =
|caption      = 
|materials    = 
|mask         =
|size         =
|chemicals    =
|gases        = 
|manual       =
|overview     =
|sop          = 
|processes    =
|userprocesses =
|maintenance  =
|supersop     =


Copy and paste the infobox above into the desired article and fill in the values after the equals (=) sign. All fields are optional. For questions or examples, please see the discussion page.

Image and technology are assigned automatically, defined on the tool page itself.
caption Optional caption for image
material Material processed (e.g. deposited or etched).
mask Suitable masking materials (if applicable).
size Substrate size requirements.
chemicals Chemicals used in tool (if applicable).
gases Gases used in tool (if applicable).
manual Full user manual (as an alternative to single chapters)
overview Link to tool overview.
sop Link to tool SOP.
processes Link to LNF supported processes (google doc, section or subpage).
userprocesses Link to wiki page for user defined processes (if applicable).
supersop Link to super user manual (if applicable).
maintenance Link to the tools maintenance overview.

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